Works in Progress

Story 1 -- Two MCs who have suffered loses trying to move on.

Story 2 -- Originally a 20,000 word short story written for a cruise anthology that never happened. Will  disappeared from Nathan's life days before their wedding leaving only a note. Two years later, Will reappears and wants to explain what happened. Nathan doesn't want to hear any of it. He hates that he still loves him but can't trust him. Then someone onboard tries to kill him and he has no choice but to listen to Will and his secrets that just might end in  their deaths.

Story 3 -- set in a fantasy world - a King falls for a commoner

Story 4 -- set in a boot camp type prison program where certain prisoners become part of an experiment on environmental manipulation and behavior control   focused on sexual orientation

Divine Intervention - rewrite

This was a story for the Goodreads Love is an Open Road event. I am currently rewriting this story to include the POV of both MCs.


Dear Author,

I see two guys― both strong willed.


MC1: big, dark and brooding. A car accident a year ago has left his body broken and scarred. As an active sportsman, he used to be proud of the way his body would do what he wanted. With a perfectionist nature, he always drove himself to perform harder and better. Now he’s a recluse, unwilling to look at himself or be seen by others. He knows he’s ugly and useless, so he has no interest in the latest of his sister’s attempts to force him into the world. He managed to scare the others off before they even got through his door. He intends for this one to be no different, especially once he sees how perfect the guy would have been for him before the accident. His sister has set him up!


MC2: a massage therapist with a special interest in rehabilitation. He’s been enlisted to gain access to the fortress and force the man to rehabilitate his body and attitude. Mission accepted. Caring and compassionate, but tough, MC2 has no intention of being chased away. His stubbornness is legendary amongst friends and family. What he isn’t prepared for is the powerful attraction he has to try to resist. He can see the amazing man behind the gruff exterior, although sometimes even the gruffness can be so very hot!


I’d love angst, heat and a HEA.





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cover WFS 6-13-16

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