Pre-order form for GRL

Hi everyone. GRL is coming soon! If you're attending GRL Kansas City in October, you can pre-order now and I will bring your purchases with me. l am bringing only a limited number of books to GRL to sell. Pre-ordering will assure you get the book you want at the $10 price. Order 3 or more and get 10% off. At GRL, books will be $12-14. All orders need to be received by 9/30/16. Click each book you want, then enter your Paypal e-mail address. I will bill everyone by 10/5. 9/26 Dreamspinner is republishing Dare to Love Forever with 10,000 additional words but no changes to core plot.

I have 2 left of the original Dare to Love Forever book published in 2014. In case anyone is interested, they are $5 each.

Thanks, Jake

#newrelase #GRL #preorder #backstock

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