New Vampire Justice Series

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 Coming 2017


Dreamspinner Press
New Vampire Justice
Book 3
Doc and Tommy's Story
Dreamspinner Press
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What is New Vampire Justice?

New Vampire Justice is the law enforcement agency tasked with policing vampires in a world where humans know vampires exist. Vampires aren't the superhuman, preternatural creatures portrayed by popular media, legends and stories. Vampires are a result of evolution, essentially human but with a need for certain blood proteins in order to survive. Human blood is not necessary due to the advent of synthetic blood. Biting is illegal, except in highly-policed specialized clubs. Vampires are no threat to the Nons (non-vampires).


Despite living and working among the Nons, vampires are third class citizens. They are targets of violence, discrimination, and are viewed by some as less than human. Vampires want equal rights, the same rights as Nons. But not all vampires want equality. Some vampires feel theirs is the dominate race and they should possess the power of the Nons. Their attempts to gain this power increases the tensions between the races. Amid this chaos, the officers of NVJ must keep the peace between vampires and humans, a fight becoming more impossible by the day.

History of Dare to Love Forever

DTLF was my second novel and was published by Amber Allure in September of 2014. I submitted the second book in the series, A Chance for Us, just before Amber announced they were closing. Both books would be homeless if not for Dreamspinner accepting to republish DTLF and publish ACFU. 
Original cover for DTLF published by Amber 2014
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